Google provides millions and millions information to its users that help to brighten the world around them. Newly, Google has observed that “how to…” searches have increased by more than 140% since 2004, and much of that search interest is directed towards how to “fix” things whether it’s a light bulb, window, washing machine, or even the toilet.

In fact, “How to fix…” is continuously near the top of the list of most common queries, year after year, around the world. That’s why the Google Trends team teamed up with award winning designer Xaquin Gonzalez Veira formerly of “The Guardian”, “National Geographic” and “The New York Times” to make their latest visual how to fix a toilet and other things you couldn’t do without search.

The first data visualization shows household items people ask Google how to fix, and how those searches differ by country. For instance, in the United States, the top “how to fix” items are doors, followed by windows, toilets, washing machines, and refrigerators. While in Japan, the order is windows, doors, washing machines, and toilets.

The visual also showcases data for the top searched “how to’s” around the world. The top ten are:

How to tie a tie

It is the top searched “how to” on Google. If you cannot tie a tie then you can search for useful guidelines in google. There are 4 methods using which you can tie a tie. The easiest method is Four-in-Hand-knot, next is Pratt knot which is the basic formal knot followed by Half Windsor (formal knot)  and Traditional Windsor knot (extra formal)

How to kiss

how to kiss

It is the second most “how to” searched thing on google. Kissing is one of the great joys in life. So you can search on Google to get the guidelines on how to kiss.

How to get pregnant 

how to get pregnant

It is the third most searched “how to” on Google. Maybe you’re really eager to get pregnant, or maybe you’re hoping to have a baby at a certain time of year. Here are five ways to boost your chances of conceiving quickly as well as some guidelines on when to be concerned about a possible fertility problem.


How to lose weight

how to lose weight


It is the fourth most searched “how to” on Google. There are many ways to lose weight and for that, you can Google to get the guidelines.

How to draw

It is the fifth most searched “how to” on Google. There are many people who want learn drawing. For those who have interest in learning drawing, they can search on Google for the guidelines.

How to make money


It is the sixth most searched “how to” on Google. Majority of people finds easy ways of earning money and Honestly, there are hundreds of ways, and when you search online, you will find many legit and many scam source.

How to make pancakes

Pancakes are a popular breakfast treat and hence it is the seventh most searched “how to” on Google. Once you master the basics, you can experiment with your own additions. Here is 10 seconds summary on how to make pancakes.

1. Beat the eggs until they turn creamy.
2. Add the dry ingredients and the melted butter.
3. Add some milk, then whisk everything together.
4. Heat a skillet over medium-low heat.
5. Pour 3 to 4 tablespoons of batter into the skillet.
6. Cook for 2 minutes, flip, and cook until golden.
7. Serve with syrup or jam.

How to write a cover letter

A cover letter is something where you can show your qualities and passion for the position and company and highlight relevant qualifications. Many employers require cover letters as part of the job application process. There are different types of cover letters, including the five most common types: application letters, referral cover letters, letters of interest, networking, and value proposition letters.


How to make french toast

french toast

French toast sounds fancy, but it is actually quite simple to make. Here is 10 seconds summary on “how to” cook french toast.

1. Melt some butter in a pan over medium-high heat.
2. Beat the eggs, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon together in a bowl.
3. Reduce the heat to medium-low.
4. Dip a slice of bread into bowl. Coat both sides.
5. Place the bread in the pan and fry for 45 seconds per side.
6. Serve it immediately.


How to lose belly fat

Belly fat is something that makes your clothes tight. Fat inside the belly area is also termed visceral fat, and it is seriously harmful. This type of fat is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart disease, to name a few. Many health organizations to use BMI (body mass index) to classify weight and predict the risk of metabolic disease. However, this is misleading.

This data visualization is current in the Google News Lab series of a joint effort with designers, working alongside the University of Miami’s  Alberto Cairo to re-test how news designers can tell stories using new kinds of data (including new sources of Google data) and by observing with new kinds of data visualizations.