As per the latest announcement by Google, it will be soon done away with the age-old practice of reading Gmail in the quest of opportunities to sell ads.

What was the practice?

Google has been indulged in this practice since 2004, soon after the company introduced Gmail. The main reason behind the stopping of this practice is due to the rising concerns regarding privacy issues among the watchdogs which have also creeped out some users.

In order to finance the free service, Google has been carefully contemplating the basic discussions of the Gmail users and then showing only the ads related to those topics. For instance, someone discussing running might view ads for Nike shoes.

The plans to show ads within Gmail are still on the cards. But now, instead of scrutinizing through the email content, the company, in all probability, will depend on other signals to decide which are the ads most likely to appeal to each of the 1.2 billion Gmail users.

The California-based Company Mountain View has declared that it would stop the ad-driven scanning of Gmail on the latter part of the current year.

Why did the change become inevitable?

In spite of undertaking such measures, some of its business customers are still believers of the idea that Google would scan these accounts as well. By stopping all scanning, Google is keeping its finger crossed that this would bring an end to all the confusion and sell Gmail to maximum businesses.

Even after the joint criticism of Microsoft and Apple of Google for showing the guts to mine users’ email to promote the ad sales, Gmail has still ranked as the world’s largest email service and is definitely the proof that even after such thrashings, the popularity didn’t budge an inch from its place.