For the ones still unaware, Google has recently launched its new and exclusive app for Pixel smartphones called ‘Sounds.’ The app, which is an updated version of the Sounds menu in the Pixel settings, enables users to select preferred sounds for alarms, ringtones, and notifications.

To know more, there are also certain visualizations which might be present for each ringtone. However, also as per reports, it has to been noted that,  perhaps the app was discovered early and isn’t at its final version right now.


Also a thing needs to be noted here that, while the Sounds app is live in the Play Store, it’s not visible for every user right now. It’s possible that you need a Pixel phone to access it right now.

Previously, Google has spin out some of its apps into the Play Store before for easier updating, and so it’s possible its the same thing happening now with this Sounds app. When it officially launches, this app might allow Google to easily give Pixel owners some new ringtones and visualizations.