Google has something special up its sleeves this time for India. The company is making an India-focused strategy to bring more products into the country and is reported to be bringing a cheaper variant of the Pixel, focused on price-sensitive markets, to India.

As per the recent reports published by ETtech, the company is actually planning to bring to India a mid-range Pixel smartphone along with other consumer products, like smart speakers, the Pixelbook, and intelligent home automation products in India. With the introduction of these products, the company is also planning to market them “aggressively” to take on rivals such as Apple, Samsung, and Amazon. These details have been shared by the executive who attended trade meetings held in Malaysia, the UK and the US last month and these included some Indian retailers as well. The latest plan also included the expansion of distribution in the country.


To know more, the mid-range Pixel is expected to be launched somewhere around July-August, just a few months prior to the launch of the next version of the flagship Pixel. Also, the other contents of the report listed the saying of one of the leading retailer who participated in the meeting, and he regarded that Google is excited about the expansion of its consumer products business in India and expects that the availability of cheap 4G internet in the country would help it realize the “maximum potential” of its products in India. Also, another retailer who attended the meeting added that the company does not want to be “over-aggressive” to chase market share. Instead, it wants to rebuild the brand by having the sizeable retail presence in the country.

In addition, a recent report also suggested that Google is expected to launch the Google Home and Google Home Mini in India by the end of March. These smart speakers again would be priced at ₹9,999 and ₹4,499 respectively. They are actually meant to compete with the existing Amazon Echo devices, priced at ₹4,499 (Echo Dot), ₹9,999 (Echo) and ₹14,999 (Echo Plus) in India.