Troubled times for Google ahead as well! It might have remained at the zenith in the list of Search Engines. But now comes the more difficult part, i.e. to maintain the top position. However, for this, apart from being efficient enough to convince users to come to them, Google also occasionally has to make sacrifices.

In fact, sometimes, the sacrifice amount gets fixed at $9 billion to maintain its monopoly. As per the recent reports, courtesy of Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall, Google would pay Apple approximately ₹65,000 crore in 2018 in order to remain the Safari browser’s default search engine. That number might as well increase up to $12 billion in 2019, which is again, approximately Rs ₹87,000 crore.


That might be quite an unthinkable amount to pay, however a lot of considerations might be placed in here. After all, Safari is the default browser on everything from the iPhone, to the iPad and Mac. Also, the Cupertino giant uses Bing for other purposes such as searching the web through Siri. With this, a lot of those users actually prefer Apple’s browser to other options, meaning Google would in turn be generating a really high amount of ad revenue from searches. Also, according to Goldman Sachs, the fee Google pays ends up being a fraction of what it earns.

Moreover, the payment of $9 billion is a huge figure considering that Google paid Apple around $1 billion in 2013 and 2014. Also, as per analysts, back in 2017, this figure was estimated to have swollen to $3 billion.


Even though neither Google nor Apple would have ever shared the exact terms of their agreement, most analysts believe that the payments are billions of dollars per year.

Currently, the browser industry is dominated by Google Chrome, which dominates with 59.7 percent, while Safari comes in at second place with 14.5 percent in the browser category.