Google has its latest decision on board. Recently, it has decided to shut down its ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app by March 2019. However, even if the exact date is not yet fixed by the company, Google did release its support guide so that users of this Inbox app can make the transition to Gmail. However, this change comes into effect soon after the search giant started its design overhaul for Gmail from June this year.

To look back, this Inbox app by Gmail was created in 2014, mainly for the users that would help them get more customized email features. Back in those times, the Gmail app or desktop experience would come with limited options, making Inbox by Gmail a platform to create/expand on ideas.


Even the most recent features included in Gmail, lists ‘Snooze Emails’, ‘Smart Reply’, ‘Hover Actions’, and Follow-ups (or nudges), and these were initially present only on Inbox by Gmail. As Google looks to shut down the service by the 2019 deadline, Gmail users might find more features from Inbox by Gmail being integrated into their regular email experience.

Now, as per the given timeline, in all probability, Google might be expected to introduce other features from Inbox into the Gmail desktop and app. Key among those features would be bundling, that can help users customize inbox tabs and notifications. Also, in addition, users can create specific labels by which email can be filtered into various categories.


For users accustomed with the Reminders feature from Inbox can consider using the Google Tasks and Google Keep apps, both of which are available for iOS and Android. For the ones who use their email via PC, Gmail, Tasks and Keep can be handled simultaneously.