Google to update its official messaging app, the Android Messages with much more improved search features. After the recent addition of a major design overhaul and a new dark mode to the app, the company has announced the above update, that would make it easier to find a particular type of content spanning all SMS.

The company, in its recent blog post, showed off the new search feature which would make it much easier to find specific type of content across all conversations that they had on the Android Messages. Also, these new search features would be rolling out this week.


Regarding this, the blog post by Google, read that, “We share a lot of information in our messages, but it’s not always easy to look back and find that photo your mom sent a month ago or the address of the coffee shop your friend recommended. Now you can find more of the content shared in your conversations in Android Messages, by simply searching by contact or type of content”.

Coming back to the Android Messages, they might not have gained much momentum when compared to the other popular chat platform like WhatsApp or Messenger. However, when it comes to OTPs or any official messages, it is the first name that comes to the mind. Also, it serves as a great help for those who are not very friendly with the WhatsApp or Facebook technology.

Google-3-1Once live, this new search feature would let users sift through all the SMSes to find a specific content type. To do so, users need to simply  tap on the search icon and select a specific contact or a group of contacts, whom he/she wishes to see the messaging history. The search result would then show all the photos, videos, addresses or links shared with that contact on both one-to-one as well as in group conversations. This would in fact include locations that have been exchanged in the past.

The new search feature makes the Android Messages look more organized and better the user experience. With this, Google also recently launched the web extension of the Messages that lets users run Messages on desktop much like the web version of WhatsApp.