Google is recently rolling out its latest feature on its mobile search app wherein, if a query which can be answered by a single direct result, Google would now no longer show the standard web links. Google has also detected the prime reason behind this as  direct search results on mobile platforms could lead to faster search experience and is in fact more convenient. Google is quietly rolling out the feature and some users have already received the update.

Meanwhile, Google also hides the search results for the direct query it answers. Instead, Google provides the ‘Show all results’ link at the bottom which might be clicked to see more links related to the query.

Google has been quoted as saying that it shows the direct results only for queries for which it has extremely high confidence. According to Google, searches that can be answered by built in calculators, unit converter or clocks would no longer feature other web links.


However, the main behind this single search result was to speed up the basic process of showcasing search results and also boost the load times by making sure that there are no advertisements.

This is of course not the first time Google launched direct search results on Google search. It had earlier launched the feature earlier in March as well, but that was soon removed owing to the lack of accuracy of the answers. However, Google is finally rolling out direct search results widely.

In its recent statement to Search Engine Land, Google confirmed the development. To which they stated that, “As always, our goal with search is to help people quickly find the most relevant information. For queries where we have extremely high confidence that a user is seeking a calculation, unit conversion or local time, we will show a single result to improve load time on mobile. Since our initial experiment in February, we worked to remove ads and improve the triggering quality for this experience to be sure that we’re serving users what they’re looking for, and we will still provide the option to tap to see more results.”