Google has recently leaked a new app called the Files Go in the Play Store for the sharing and management of files. But was pulled back just after a few minutes it went live. So, now the company is again bringing the app in the form of an early dev build as a beta for anyone who wants to try it out.

Basically, this Files Go is designed to provide assistance to the users to manage files and clear out the free space on their phones by automatically searching for the apps they aren’t using, and also including other storage wasters like duplicate photos. But the more interesting portion of the app is the ability to send and receive files from other local Android devices without requiring internet connectivity and this feature has been found similar to Apple’s AirDrop.

Also stated before, it might seem that Files Go is part of Google’s Android Go initiative, which aims at providing an operating system and apps for smartphones that have less powerful specs and more limited access to cellular data. Certain apps like the Youtube Go, which are also found in beta, are also seen offering similar features, with local file sharing for downloaded videos. Placing that in mind, Files Go might become naturally the next step, applying the same logic to the rest of the files on a device.

So Files Go is essentially an amalgamation of three services, namely, system cleanup, file management, and file transfers. Photos and videos are the most likely file-type to be clogging up people’s smartphones, and Google Photos already offers a way to sort through duplicates. So, Google would also like everyone to use its cloud-storage service, known as Google Drive. But, of course, even then not everyone uses Google Photos, and not everyone uses Google Drive, so it will be interesting to see whether Google tries to push its other services through the Files Go app in the future.

The Files Go Beta is right available now on the Play Store, but Google has yet to confirm when the final version will be released or if, taken to use like the YouTube Go, whether will be restricted to specific regions when used.