How many of us are part of a WhatsApp group we strongly dislike? Well I am sure all of use definitely face this issue where we are just made group member and we can’t really do anything about it.

Well, not any more! WhatsApp users might get relief from being added to groups without their consent in future. As per reports, the government has requested the popular instant messaging platform to introduce a feature which would be seeking user’s consent before adding them to any of the groups.


This is quite a significant move as it has been taken after considering constant complaints received by some government agencies from people that they were being added to groups repeatedly without their consent.

The complaints were brought to the notice of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) by government agencies. The report being cited by a senior government official added that, following the complaint,  the ministry then decided to take up the matter with the messaging platform.


According to the official, the MeitY wrote to WhatsApp seeking an action to prevent such practice. In response, the messenger giant added that as per their policy, group admin must have the user’s number added in the phonebook and if the user exits the group twice, then he/she cannot be added a third time.

However, the ministry, in its next letter, bought WhatsApp’s attention towards cases where even after users exited a particular group twice, they were added through a different admin or in some cases a new group was formed with a different mobile number and these users were added to that new group.

With this, the ministry has again urged them to look into the matter in details, introducing a feature where a user’s consent is taken before adding him/her to any group. However, the report also suggested, WhatsApp is yet to respond on this.