Honda Sports EV Concept

Honda reveals the Sports EV Concept, which adapts that new- and-old formula to a low-slung, nimble coupe, the traces of 1300 Coupe can be seen mixing with other intriguing design cues. It is one of the better-looking EV concepts that have been seen. Honda has not mentioned any performance figures, but the actual aim appears to be on the AI under the hood.

As we head towards the era of electrified cars, the Honda Sports EV Concept model is furnished with a highly responsive electric power unit in an easy to control compact body. Powerful, smooth acceleration are united with a serene quietness thanks to its electric motor, and low center gravity realizes exciting manageability, gesturing the driver and car as one into a completely new experience.

Just like the NeuV concept from earlier in the year, the sports EV includes the Honda Automated Network Assistant. Apart from controlling basic tasks like navigation, its uses an “emotion engine” that is supposed to gauge the feelings that influence your driving decisions. Honda wants to foster communication that “unites the driver and car,” which could be rather important when you’re blasting down a twisty backroad.

There is only one problem at this point, unlike with the Urban EV Concept, Honda has not mentioned that whether or when the Sports EV might go into production. The Company officials are looking at it as more of an experiment to test reaction to the design. Honda is not the first name people think of when it comes to EVs, and it is already falling behind on promises to embrace electrification to the same extent giants like general motors and Volkswagen have.

As compelling as Honda’s EV and AI technology may be when it finally rolls out, it needs to be wrapped in a package as cool as the Sports EV Concept.