News is in the air for all the Cricket fanatics out there. One of the leading streaming services, Hotstar, has reduced their annual subscription fee to match Amazon Prime’s price of ₹999 and this is just ahead of IPL season. Earlier, the annual fee used to be ₹1,200, in addition to a  monthly subscription priced at ₹199. The 49% discount was introduced right after Star India, Hotstar’s parent company, has secured the worldwide broadcast and digital rights for Indian cricket.

Of course, this is definitely not the first time that Hotstar has introduced such an offer. Back in October last year, the annual subscription was as cheap as ₹696, essentially a 70% discount. The online streaming service offers new discounts every month, but this particular price puts Hotstar at par with Amazon Prime.


However, the only problem that remains here is that the users can’t have an active subscription already in place. That means if Hotstar has already pulled a user in with one of their previous discounts, then they are already locked into an ongoing subscription. But, also, another piece of good news here is that Hotstar is extending its ongoing annual subscriptions already in place by two months.

Having the rights to Indian cricket globally is probably one of the reasons behind this discount since with lower rates so that the service can attract more users. Hotstar can then, also use economies of scale to its benefit by drawing greater profits at lower margins by boosting sales.

Also, by beating out Bennett, Coleman and Company along with Sony Pictures Network, Star India has already added a feather to its hat, cementing its dominant position within the market further.