The world has already witnessed Android 8 Oreo, much faster, richer and smarter, as compared to other versions of the Android which has previously been introduced. Now, with the latest update of the app on the device, it seems that this change can make the Android a lot more resistant to Malware.

Unlike its earlier versions of Android, this Android 8, provides a much greater level of comfort to its users. Initially, the vast majority of Android out breaks had actually spread because of the third party app stores. The reason behind this remains that users who visit these unofficial stores have shut off a critical Android security feature by choosing to “allow unknown sources” to install apps. While that would let the users download apps that Google won’t allow into Google Play. Thus, this also lets malicious code make their way into other devices.

Now, with the latest update, apps that come from other sources, other than the Google Play are now supported on an individual basis. Either it can be a prominent file manager like MiXplorer or a new kind of Android malware, the users would be able to control every new installation occurring on the device.

How to secure the device?

The process is quite simple. It’s done in the same way in which we would deal with a suspicious email entering the inbox. Just by clicking on the cancel, brings to the end of the story.

This Android Oreo works at a remarkable speed and Google has designed this new notification in Android O to make it clear when an install is coming from somewhere other than Google Play and is quite distinct from its predecessors.

With all the scintillating features the Android 8 is definitely quite a useful one is expected to gain an astounding success in the market.