Amazon’s Alexa has been much in vogue these days, so it’s quite obvious that this digital assistant would also get itself placed into PCs. So, one of the first to feature Alexa is HP’s new 34-inch curved all-in-one, which has a large base with a speaker on the front and a glowing blue light that turns on while activating the Amazon’s smart assistant.

The updated Envy Curved AiO is largely the same as the redesigned model that HP released last year. The updated specs now feature a fake wooden texture but also has a great design. This includes a loudspeaker with a neat-looking ring for adjusting the volume, a built-in wireless phone charger, and the hidden webcam, which remains unveiled until the users pop it up. Plus, there’s a huge screen that literally starts to surround users.


An Alexa app comes pre-installed on the computer, which users might use to call up the assistant and see any information that it wants to display for users, like weather forecasts or the album art of any music they would ask it to play. The PC is also always listening for the Alexa command. Also, because of an all-in-one which is always plugged in and always on, it makes a ton of sense to build a smart assistant into one. However, one major fault is that HP doesn’t include a mute button, so there’s no quick way to turn the assistant on and off.

However, the computer doesn’t witness a launch until later this year, and so far HP doesn’t have a specific release date or price. In addition, there’s also a 27-inch model of the all-in-one, which doesn’t include Alexa or the curved display, that’s launching for $1,400 later this month.