HP has launched a new line of desktop workstations to greet both the computer and security which is essential of today’s workforce as they deal with solutions appearing technologies such as virtual reality and machine learning.

The company’s new Z desktop workstations characterize a wide range of comprehensive security features including SureStart those first self-repairing BIOS and HP Client Security Suite as well as a host of others. Cyber threats have appeared and the company has sketched a line of PCs ready for the problems ahead.

The Directors of Workstations, Thin clients, Retail Solutions and immersive Computing, EMWA at HP Inc. , Gwen Coble stressed the importance of these new features and highlighted how they will make the HP Z8 workstation ideal for professional use, saying: “The stakes for world-class security have never been higher or more important for workstations. Workstation users create the most valuable IP for a company and HP is meeting the security needs with the world’s most secure and manageable desktop and mobile workstations. As the most powerful desktop workstation in the world, the HP Z8 Workstation can deliver the extreme power and the security demanded by our customers.”

Z6 and the Z8 will also promote dual CPU as well as optional dual 10 GbE network modules for high-speed networking at a fraction of the cost of HP’s earlier workstations. The device can even be fitted with up to three TB main memories for additional rendering power.

Appearing and Price Details

HP’s Z8 and Z6 Workstations are coming in October, while the Z4 arrives sometime in November. The HP Z8 Workstation is hoped to be obtainable in October with a starting price from Rs. 313561.72 and Z6 will retail at RS. 175900.48. In December, HP will also sell the Z4 Workstation at 160604.78.

HP Z8 Display

With its expandable design, the HP Z8 Workstation gives the confidence to produce the best work. It is Designed for a wide-range of needs, the HP Z820 offers enhanced tool-free access and unbelievable power at whisper-quiet levels.

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