cyber security

Global technology IBM has mentioned there is a huge shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the country. The company is encouraging young graduates to look this sector, which is a high-margin sector for companies, as a profitable career option.

The company views India both as a market as well as talent tool to serve the global market on cybersecurity said Kartik Shahani, integrated security leader for IBM India and South Asia. Shahani also explained that security solutions presently provides in double-digit percentages to IBM India’s revenue at present, whereas its share of the total staff is much smaller.

Stating that the cybersecurity professional cybersecurity professionals are “more productive” as it is a margin accretive vertical, he said, “the amount of revenue a security professional can bring to us is far higher than the amount of revenue a non-security professional can.

The comments come amid rising concerns about the information technology department from a workforce intake perspective. As many and many jobs get automated with the arrival of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, a fewer number of people are required by the USD 160-billion domestic IT sector to do the same work compared to the past when the industry was one of the leading job creators absorbing millions annually.

The IBM executive refused to provide a clear answer whether cybersecurity can appear as a much-required help from an employability view. But they also explained that different skill sets and approaches are needed for grabbing such jobs.

Vaideeswaran said there is required for changes from the school and graduation level to the post-graduate level, this will also help the industry get the right kind of people. He also added, “ Not enough youngsters look at cybersecurity as a job opportunity. That is probably an area where we can do a lot as an industry”.

He said that IBM has been working with universities and tech schools to get the necessary manpower for its the business. A company spokesperson said that IBM India coupled with Mody University of Science and Technology, Rajasthan, Dehradun Institute of technology, Chandigarh University of Geetanjali College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad amongst others.