The global software major, IBM, opened its first Machine Learning (ML) Hub in India, at Bengaluru, last week. The hub is expected to offer great benefits to data professionals, engineers, entrepreneurs, business analysts and enterprises to learn and update themselves through collaboration with similar entities. According to a statement attributed to IBM, the software major acknowledges, the ML Hub will now allow enterprises to work along with IBM data experts. This will help them in understanding the technology better to visualise, analyse and interpret data.

The Bengaluru center for Machine Learning is just an addition to the ones already set up at San Jose, Toronto, California, Boblingen, Beijing and the IBM Silicon Valley Lab. Industry experts are of the opinion, the Bengaluru ML Hub will act as a physical destination for businesses across the subcontinent to have comprehensive and hands-on training on machine learning.

On the occasion of the launching of this Machine Learning Hub, Mr. Gaurav Sharma, vice president, IBM India and South Asia explained his organization’s vision and objectives in as many as words, “IBM continues to be at the forefront of cognitive evolution. ‘Machine Learning’ termed by an IBMer decades ago has evolved significantly. Today, it is the entry point to the cognitive era, enabling enterprises to drive critical insights. Businesses are increasingly using machine learning to support advanced analytics across a growing range of industries and initiatives.” Moreover, he was also quoted to have said, “With India’s focus on Digitization, it’s an apt time for organizations to make this transition. IBM Machine Learning hub reiterates our mission to partner and prepare enterprises for the cognitive era by unleashing the potential of machine learning through models that are constantly improving by analyzing new data to generate real-time results which benefit businesses.”

Under the light of this latest development, digitisation drive undertaken by the Indian government shows a greater chance of success. By choosing Bengaluru for the Machine Learning Hub, IBM has sent a strong message about India’s growing prominence in the world of trade and economy.