The recent scenario has witnessed Amazon India emerging as the E-Commerce honcho. In lieu to this, and keeping in mind the Prime subscription services which confirms one in every three customers for Amazon India, it has announced its first Prime Day, exclusively for India and China, to be held on 10th of July.

This is the third incarnation of its Prime Day sale festivities and even if the official date is 11th July, many of the deals are having its occurrences on 10th  July 6 p.m., for India and China – these two being the extensive markets for the E-commerce giant.

This annual extravaganza, held by the company is quite a common phenomena in countries like US, UK, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Belgium, and Austria.

This is quite a striking occurrence owing to the fact that the Amazon’s annual Prime subscription, ventured in India on July last and then was followed by China a few months later. But this Amazon Prime Day, which landed itself as a major deal in the online retail arena on 2015, possibly would yield good merits, was expected by Amazon.

amazon prime
Image Credit: Reuters

This thought was further reflected in the statement by Amit Agarwal, the country head for Amazon India. He stated that “We are humbled by the tremendous response to Prime since its launch less than a year ago, and are thrilled to bring Prime Day to India, curating a special experience for our members with 30 hours of exclusive shopping and new streaming content,”.

The Prime Day will ensure the access of the Prime Members to 30 hours of deal-based shopping, initiating from 10th July and the good part of the story is that it will be the first one to acquire access to 30 new launches from exclusive brands like IFB, LG, Sharp, Rocky S, GAP, Lavie, Louis Philippe, Lego, Delsey, and Puma.

Apart from the above-mentioned brands, this subscription-based program will also offer its members special offers on the Amazon device including Fire TV stick and Kindle and also the cashback being offered on the Amazon Pay.

These attempts by Amazon are mainly to get a grip over the parts of the world, where they have foreseen a huge potential for the growth of this e-commerce site. If this Amazon Prime Day works great for both China and India then its annual Prime subscription would be enough to entice the local stalwarts such as Flipkart, Snapdeal(India) and Alibaba’s Taobao and onboard and the chances of winning this long-term battle by Amazon are prominent.