As per the recent reports published by security software firm Symantec, India gets the third rank in the list of countries where the highest number of cyber threats were detected, and second in terms of targeted attacks in 2017.

To this, Tarun Kaura, Director, Enterprise Security Product Management, Asia Pacific and Japan, Symantec added that “India is ranked third among the list of countries globally where most of the threats were detected and it is second in terms of targeted attacks”.

United States tops the list, followed by China at the second spot, according to the company’s Internet security threat report (ISTR).

To delve deep, India was ranked second globally when it comes to spam and phishing (misleading emails, weblink etc). However, complex cyber attacks, ransomware and network attacks in India have quite increased in terms of global percentage.

The report also added that “India ranks fourth globally with eight percent of global detection of ransomware (a malicious software which locks the computer and demands money to unlock it)”.

Symantec has also detected 133 targeted attacks in India which are the work of organized groups.

Here, the ISTR reported stated that “The majority of these groups are state-sponsored (although there is a small number of private operators) and they’re usually driven by a small number of motivations: intelligence gathering, disruption, sabotage, or financial. Broadly speaking targeted attacks corresponds to espionage, although the lines are starting to blur”.

Kaura also stated that India is one of the victims of targeted attack because a lot of intellectual property rights are generated here and the criminals may intent to steal them.

Now, with the rise in the value of crypto-currencies, a new cyber attack from cryptominers was detected in the country where criminals stole computer processing power usage from consumers and enterprises to mine digital currencies.

The immediate impact is detected as slowing down of devices, overheating batteries and in some cases, rendering devices unusable but there are broader implications particularly for the organization.

A part of the report also stated that “Detections of coinminers on endpoint computers increased by 8,500 percent in 2017. India ranks second in Asia-Pacific Japan (APJ) region, ninth globally in terms of crypto mining activities”.

With this, India was also ranked second after the US where the highest number of malware for mobile phones were detected the by the company.