India aiming at artificial intelligence to develop its weapons, defense and surveillance systems, the government officials declared.

A 17- person workforce is working on an AI roadmap for India’s armed forces, according to the report. Within the next two years, the task force will recommend the process of machine learning which can be incorporated into the country’s aviation like naval cybersecurity, nuclear, naval and biological resources. Specifically, as it relates to the areas of autonomous weapons systems and unmanned surveillance.

Dr. Ajay Kumar, secretary at the defense “The world is moving towards an artificial intelligence-driven ecosystem,” Dr. Ajay Kumar, secretary at the defense ministry, said in a statement. “India is also taking necessary steps to prepare our defense forces for the war of the future.”

The head of Tata Sons Natarajan Chandrasekaran leads the group of elite group of stakeholders, its members include members of the Army, Navy Air Force, Atomic Energy Commission, and Finance Ministry. It was established in February and is expected to submit its first report in the next three months.

The demand for AI-enhanced defense platforms is a top priority for India Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He mentioned India in April that AI and robots would be “the most important determinants” of the readiness of future militaries. “India, with its leadership in [the] information technology domain, [will] strive to use this technology to its advantage,” he said.

According to the information the same development is followed by China as its plans to modernize its armed forces. Russia is also believed to be investing in AI-enabled defense. Its recent T-14 Armata battle tank is said to have autonomous potentials.

I think there are a number of interesting ethical questions about machine learning and AI as we as a society start to develop more powerful techniques,” Jeff Dean, leader of the Google Brain research division.