According to the reports of a recent survey, global digital content provider Limelight Networks stated that when the question arises of online browsing, two-thirds of the Indian users do not have the patience of five seconds for a webpage to load and then shift to the next one.

Also, as per the survey, Indians are the most demanding Internet users and 54 percent would move to a different site to make a purchase, at the drop of a hat, if the previous website was too slow.

Interestingly, nearly 10 percent of Indian users do not re-visit a website after previously experiencing slow performance.

Smartphones are the primary device and perhaps the easiest way to access online content for Indians and more than half i.e. almost 56 percent, expect fast web performance regardless of what device they are using.

To this, Michael Milligan, Senior Director at Limelight Networks regarded that, “In today’s crowded market, brands can’t risk delivering a poor online experience to their customers”.

Talking of the annual global report, which highlights online behavior and expectations of consumers from seven countries including India, found major increases in time spent online and the impact of online experiences on customer loyalty.

The report further states that globally, more than 45 percent of people spent at least 15 hours a week online outside of work, which is almost 64 percent increase from the last year.

Again, almost a third of Indian consumers spend at least 15 hours a week online outside of work and this is the lowest among all the countries surveyed.

Indian consumers are also quite cautious and want to know whether their information is being safeguarded online or not. 69 percent have a negative opinion of a brand after it has experienced a security breach, and 45 percent say they will definitely not shop at a website that has been the victim of a cyber-attack.

Milligan, lastly added that “Security breaches, slow performance and other elements of an inefficient online experience impact a shopper’s actions and have long-lasting effects on brand reputation and customer retention”.