Infosys focusses on AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the avenue to look for profits in the Indian IT sector in the recent times. This revelation came from Mr. Vishal Sikka, the Infosys CEO on Friday. According to reports, Mr. Sikka also stressed on “innovative new technologies” to satisfy clients’ demands in immediate future. Before making this statement, the CEO arrived at the venue at a driverless car, which is designed specially by Infosys’ engineers at Mysuru. The interaction of the CEO was a part of the event to reveal Infosys’ annual earning.

Mr. Sikka’s arrival in the driver-less vehicle was symbolic enough to imply his organization is bidding for automation and robotics in the recent times. At the said event, he discussed this company’s strategies to focus on the upcoming technologies to increase the profit margins in near future.

In this context, it is relevant to mention that back in April, Infosys launched ‘Nia’ – a dedicated platform to ‘help clients embrace AI’. An official statement issued on Friday read, “Nia continues to be central to all our conversations with clients as we work with them to transform their businesses.” The multi-billion dollar IT sector is India’s flagship industry over the decades. But as the technology upgrades itself to automation and robotics, even the major IT houses, in the country, are in a bid to reinvent themselves.  Later, he was also found to have tweeted the following in support of his stand at the event mentioned above.


In this backdrop, Mr. Sikka’s statement answers a lot of queries at one go. “We are revealing new growth with services that we (have been) focusing on for the past couple of years including — AI (artificial intelligence) and cloud computing. The driverless car is kind of the technology we are strongly focused on. If you go by our numbers, about 10% of our revenue has come from new technologies, services that did not exist 2 years ago. These are high growth services and that’s where our focus will be,” he was further quoted as saying. Furthermore, he confirmed that Infosys is currently busy with driverless car technology and VR for clients like Boeing and Toyota.