Talking of Instagram, it might have emerged as one of the most popular photo and video sharing service in the recent times, however, this app is much more than just filters and hashtags. So, Instagram also lists a feature termed as ‘Instagram Direct’, which lets the users privately chat with the other users. However, this feature is supposed to get updated with much more interesting things.

This time Instagram has announced that now, users would be able to send each other GIFs in Instagram Direct messages. Also, this functionality is powered by Giphy, i.e. a well-known online database of GIFs.

Instagram-2With this latest update, sending GIFs in direct messages is a cakewalk. Users would now see a GIF button within their direct messages. They would have to tap that button to search trending GIFs, or look them up using specific keywords, or even use a random one, and send via direct message.

INSTAGRAM-3.This latest feature is rolling out today to Instagram users on both iOS and Android. However, the functionality would most likely arrive through an update to the service’s official app. For this, users would have to keep the eyes glued for any app update that might be available on the smartphone(s).

In turn, this would allow creators to make content, aimed at any specific location without alienating viewers or followers who are not from that location. Also, this latest feature has the potential to increase the engagement without the risk of making followers feel disconnected from the content that they are seeing in the feed.