Instagram Right-to-left feature

Instagram is no the way of starting with official country languages to mainly help Android users of the middle east and North Africa regions. Instagram just declared a major addition to the app. It has added Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi languages and all of these are read from the right to left. At present, it supports 33 languages all of which are left-to-right.

They join 36 other languages that Instagram supports natively. And just like all other language option on it, everything besides someone’s username will be translated.

It took a long time because adding a language like Arabic or Hebrew to software written in English is not as easy as adding a language like Spanish. In fact, Instagram had to reconfigure the entire app to support languages that are written from right to left.

Instagram is not the first social app to add languages that read left to right to left. Twitter introduced Arabic and Farsi to its mobile website back in 2012. Nevertheless, Instagram has quite some time supported languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese that can be both right to left ad top to bottom. But this the first time it is supporting exclusively right-to-left languages.

The users can easily go to their profile in the app and tap on the gear icon. Then, scroll down and tap Language just below Settings to choose the language they would like to use. There is a drawback that the language support stops short of transition features. The three languages will be accessible on the Android version of Instagram first, with iOS still being worked now.

In a statement, Mike Krieger, Instagram’s co-founder, explained “I’m proud of our efforts to make Instagram one of the most inclusive and diverse platforms in the world. With this update we hope even more Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi speakers are able to use Instagram to connect with the people and interests that matter to them”.