Intuit QuickBooks brought out a GST (Goods and Services Tax) ready version of its online accounting product. In the recent backdrop of GST launching in India, the country’s business establishment is facing unease in running their regular operations as usual. To overcome this problem, market experts opine Intuit has made the prompt move in the right direction. This latest product is effective enough to help businesses get thoroughly compliant with the latest tax requisites.

It may be recalled here, QuickBooks is an Intuit Inc. product and the world’s most renowned accounting software. The product caters to more than 2.2 million users globally. The GST-ready version is thoroughly compliant with the new tax environment and is expected to prove helpful to businesses in ways more than one. Financial experts are of the opinion that the latest product will categorically serve the necessities of small-scale businesses. It will help such entrepreneurs to run their business activities with greater ease 24/7, from any location, using either laptops or smartphones and tablets.

Image credit: VARINDIA

While briefing the media about the new launching, the Managing Director of Intuit India, Mr. Nikhil Rungta was quoted to have said, “Intuit QuickBooks is the only accounting software in India that has experience of successfully rolling out GST-ready software in International markets. All businesses in India using QuickBooks will be seamlessly transitioning to GST without any extra charges or additional downloads. Over the last five years, Intuit QuickBooks has helped thousands of small businesses in India stay in complete control of their finances and accelerate the growth of their business. Our vision is that with QuickBooks, July 1 will be business as usual for our customers in India. Small business owners can focus on their business, instead of worrying about the impact of GST on their business.”

The launching of the latest version of QuickBooks has created much hype in the market. Speculation is gradually growing stronger that it will make things easier for small businesses on several crucial aspects. These include tracking their cash flow, automatically categorize their incomes and expenses along with generating invoices with the smart Online Bank Connect feature.