The countless number of Apple users, spread all over the planet, are waiting anxiously for the arrival of the next version of iPhone. This version is being referred to by various names, including iPhone 8, iPhone Edition or iPhone X. The probable date of launching the product is September 08 this year.

Features at a glance

iPhone 8 is expected to have an array of innovative features, just like that of its earlier versions. According to reports, the striking features of the cellular gadget will include the following:

  • A 16-megapixel camera with vertical 3D Dual Lens and “invisible” front camera.
  • The device will come with Apple Pencil compatibility.
  • iPhone 8 will be available in five distinct colors, namely white, jet black, rose gold, silver and gold.
  • The 5.8” OLED display will make the device screen lively with a riot of colors.

Additionally, the upcoming iPhone X will Iris Scanning security and touch ID display. The gadget will come in a sporting look with contoured glass casing on a metal frame. Apple is planning to club a 256 GB storage space with the device. Along with the cutting-edge features mentioned above, the upcoming version of the Apple device will facilitate wireless charging.

The appearance

A news leak claimed the next version of iPhone will just be a clear glass piece with an OLED screen. There won’t be any physical home button either on the device. Unlike the existing versions of iPhones and iPads, the upcoming version will include an exclusive feature. It is expected to possess facial recognition feature and thus, users will unlock their devices by using their faces as passwords.

The huge community of Apple users is obviously excited about the launching of iPhone 8. Tech-savvy folks are confident that just like its previous versions, the upcoming version of iPhone will also redefine the concept of technology in application.