The wait is finally over. The much anticipated and talked about iPhone X is finally here. Chief Executive Tim Cook described this stainless steel device with an edge-to-edge display as the ‘the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone’.

Coupled with this, the launch also enlisted few surprises like certain leaked details of the phone like wireless charging, facial recognition security, and other products. But even with this the iPhone X’s $999 is still raising many an eyebrow.

So, now here is a list of everything the viewers would like to know about this new Apple’s flagship product, including the prime features.

The basic look :

This iPhone X has a 5.8 inch squeezed into a smaller body, as Apple declared its goal to create ‘an iPhone that is all display’.

Apple has also adopted for various changes in reference to its external features like the removal of the iconic home button, which has been present on every device since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. There is also the removal of the front-facing fingerprint scanner, which has been adopted now by many of the leading brands. Instead, now the smartphone speaks nearly of bezel-free design with the screen covering almost the entire front of the phone. Also, to make enough space for the front-facing selfie camera and facial recognition, the screen has a slight notch that initiates at the top.Also, with a dual-lens rear facing a camera, it will be available in silver and space gray colors.

Dual Camera:

The iPhone X will also follow the iPhone 7 Plus has a 12MP dual lens camera but will be best remembered for augmented reality. The selfie camera will be 7MP and also be able to function for 3D tracking.

No home button or Touch ID:

The much iconic home button of the iPhone, which earlier used to control many of the aspects, has now been removed. Instead, iPhone X uses gesture controls to unlock. Several functions of the home button, such as activating Siri, now will be relocated to the lock switch. Users would be able to control the phone now by swiping up from the bottom or just by tapping on the screen.

Face ID:

The Face ID feature will only unlock if the user has opened his/her eyes. To this, Apple stated that there are a ‘one in a million’ chance that someone else also might unlock the iPhone using the technology. This Face ID will also work with Apple Pay and other apps that work with Touch ID.

Wireless Charging:

The iPhone X is the first iPhone to initiate this kind of charging, already found on the Apple Watch and even their rival Samsung Galaxy S8. Further, speculations are on for a wireless charging pad, the AirPower, that would be enabling of charging multiple devices at once, to be released next year.

Edge-to-edge, super retina display:

Apple’s chief designer Sir Jony Ive had dreams for long to create an iPhone that looked like a single sheet of glass. The iPhone X has fulfilled this design, with a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge display that covers the entire front of the phone, also saving for a tiny notch at the top.

Augmented reality:

This iPhone X has also been built to showcase some of the augmented reality experiences that Apple debuted with its ARKit software, released at this year’s WWDC. Augmented reality enables the iPhone users to superimpose virtual images, games, and videos onto real world objects and is a field where Apple has truly taken the initiative from rivals such as Google.The X can also use 3D tracking capabilities from its selfie camera to impose masks using AR for apps such as Snapchat.


This is a unique type of feature and a new form of moving emoji that can be customized using the facial recognition software. Users just need to scan their face and the animoji will match their expression in a short animation. As it requires a 3 camera, this feature will be only available on the premium iPhone X. Apple has also created a limited selection of animoji from its hundreds of emoji, including the monkey, unicorn, robot, dog, pig, cat, dog and pile of poo.

Processor and battery:

Inside the iPhone X will be an A11 bionic chip, the most powerful chip ever than the one found on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X will also provide two more hours of battery life than the iPhone 7, according to Apple.