The trending news this season from the gadget section, is not the leakage of the iPhone 8. It is now widely known that the iPhone 8 will have a full -screen display and a 60 fps front camera. Instead, this week’s latest news leaked out by HomePod firmware, is about the exclusive facial recognition feature, expected to have its debut with the Apple iPhone 8.

iHelp BR has been following the codes of HomePod firmware thoroughly and has revealed the hints about this unique feature which states that the iPhone 8 functions even if placed flat on a table or desk. This feature might not be a new one as Samsung’s Galaxy S8 also has this facial recognition technology for serving verification purposes. But the thin line of demarcation over here is that one has to keep the Samsung handset in line with him/her for the working of the feature. This can be regarded as a problem, especially for the usage in public places.

Apple’s iPhone 8 seems to make the feature more applicable. Also, even if its usability raises the question of practicality, this feature actually makes it to the production ready iPhone 8. This is again suggestive of the fact that iPhone 8 is on the verge of stuffing some potent hardware with the advanced sensors, which are still not found in smartphones. The firmware code also unveiled that this technology is also applicable to work for the third party apps, similar to the TouchID. This leak might also focus on the fact that Apple in all probability can drop the TouchID in favor of the advanced ‘Pearl’ facial recognition, which could yield better results for Apple in the implementation of full-screen display.