Steering wheel but doesn’t seem like one. This is the latest innovation by Jaguar Land Rover, which aims at the survival of the steering wheel, as self-driving cars are on the verge of hitting the roads soon. The British automaker has got their idea implemented in the form of Sayer, a steering wheel having its own AI system and would be with the owner no matter how many times he/she changes the car.

Sayer, which doesn’t follow the conventional look of the steering wheel, consists of an AI system, acting as a personal assistant, and would be able to connect the owner to an online service, where he/she would be able to get a car when needed. For instance, if there is an important meeting which needs to be attended for sure, then the owner can state it to the wheel, even if it’s in the living room and then and there it figures out when does the car need to arrive and the things that need control.

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This innovation is definitely an essential component of the upcoming Jaguar concept car called Future-Type but whether this will actually reach the production stage, remains a big question. The concept of the wheel is based on unproven guesses about the direction in which driver-less technology will go and how we might use it. When getting new wheels make sure you get the right rims, alloy vs steel rims is an important question when deciding what rims to get.

Another thing which might be taken into consideration is that getting a car after abandoning the steering wheel, the assistant and display functions of this concept would be properly replicated by the phones which are way more portable, and remain with us all the time.

Now, depending on a car without a steering wheel would be too early and alarming, especially at the primary stages of transitioning to completely autonomous cars. So at this juncture, an AI system that shapes up to something like a cross between a steering wheel and a computer screen is definitely a good way of introducing people to a technology which is vaguely similar, convincing it to be safe.

Lastly, might be it’s a good idea to hand the steering to something which is AI dominated than to a fragile device that is highly subjected to get smashed. Of course, everyone is excited about an AI steering wheel to become the next trending thing everyone’s carrying around.