Even before hitting the market Jio 4G feature phone has already started making the news. Priced at Rs.1,500, this is India’s 4G VoLTE feature phone produced by Mukesh Ambani headed Reliance Jio. So, the next section basically states about the initial impressions of views of the phone depicted by Geeky Ranjit, along with Amit Bhawani in his You Tube page.

The delivery of the phones is supposed to get commenced from 21st September. Before that, a short review of the phone is always welcomed.

Firstly, to everybody’s amazement, this phone supports Wi-Fi, which is quite surprising for a budget oriented phone.

Secondly, as it is a Jio centric Phone, apps like Jio music, Jio Cinema were obviously expected. But, another surprise got added as the phone has an inbuilt mechanism for YouTube. So, now favorite songs and trending videos when ever it feels like.

Thirdly, unlike other phones, the radio is embedded and works really well even without putting in the earplugs, and the speaker depicts mind blowing sound.

Fourthly, there is a Web Browser, for all the intranet freaks out there. The more exciting part of the news states that the Facebook is also available on this phone.

Right now, the Whatsapp is not inbuilt but expectations are afloat that this installation will also take place sooner or later.

Also, this phone presents both front and back camera, with resolution, which would just suit the Rs.1,500 price tag.

The only disappointing feature remains that even if having the HotSpot hardware, it is still not implementable. Minus that, this is an excellent phone for the users using internet on phone for the first time, especially from the remote sectors. Also, people accustomed to 2G connectivity would definitely love this 4G feature.

Lastly, this 4G feature phone is definitely a value for money, given the price, and the perhaps the best feature phone available right now in the market. So, let’s hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed as the further models produced of this phone by the company, would be definitely without all the previous shortcomings.