Finally, the day is here. India will witness 24th August 2017 as the day which will initiate the pre-booking of the Reliance Jio Phone from 5.30 pm across all Reliance Jio Infocom’s retail stores, the website, and the Jio App. Rs.500 has been fixed as the initial booking amount and the rest of the Rs.1,000 is to be paid at the time of the delivery in September.

A leading channel partner of the Reliance Retail, who doesn’t wish to be revealed, regarded that texts are being sent to all the customers who have placed their interest in Jio Phone. One such reply by a Jio customer states that “India Ka Smartphone is finally here! Pre-booking for Jio Phone starts tomorrow August 24 at 5 pm”.

Further announcements by RIL CMD Mukesh Ambani stated that the Jio phone will be given against only after the payment of the fully refundable deposit of Rs.1,500. This total amount is refundable after 36 months when the customer will return the phone.

Ambani has also announced that along with the voice calling for customers, Jio is always ‘effectively free’ and the customers can avail unlimited data by paying Rs.153. Also, with this Reliance Jio has announced a weekly plan for Rs.53 and Rs.23 for unlimited data access.


Features of this new Jio Phone:

  • This new Jio Phone can be operated by dictating instructions to dial, type messages and this will appear in inclusion to the preloaded Jio apps for messaging and entertainment.

  • This phone further gets connected to television sets for watching live TV with the usage of Jio TV app.

  • The phone also enlists some of the most popular instant messaging and social-networking apps.


Now the striking point over here remains that this feature phone might become a threat to the smartphones. This fact is further echoed in the statement by Shobhit Srivastava, Research Analyst, Mobile Devices and Ecosystem at Counterpoint Research. According to him, “JioPhone will arrest the decline of feature phone segment and eventually accelerate upgrades within the feature phone segment. This will impact the sales of sub $50 smartphone segment which is now contributing to almost 3 per cent of smartphone shipments in 1H 2017”.

The low cost of the phone is anticipated to be the USP of this new phone, gaining a mass appeal, especially among the rural sections. One such instance is Bihar, where in spite of the floods, the retailers are expecting to be the prime state where the demand for the phones would get a momentum.

Lastly, Reliance Retail has focused on the availability of 50 lakh units of the Jio Phone every week from September.