The procedure of Jio Phone pre-booking is halted. But wait!! This is not a bad news. At least, Reliance Jio is considering this to be a great success on their part. This JioPhone, considered to be a ‘free phone’ by the company, with 4G connectivity and VoLTE calls, is quite a fad among the customers right now, with millions of people booking it already. So, right now, the company has stopped all bookings for the phone. The booking got initiated on August 24th and was compelled to stop within two days as the demands have greatly outnumbered the supply.

So right now, numerous answered questions are hovering in the minds of numerous tensed Indians, eagerly waiting for the starting of the phone bookings again.

Is there still any possibility for the Jio Phone? If yes, how and if No, then what is the next date for availability? So, get your eyes glued to the next section and get a glimpse of everything you need to know about the Jio Phone:

  • The process of booking the phones have stopped might have stopped definitely. But this is only because Jio wants to cater to the service of the millions of customers who have already booked, before taking up any new order.

  • As per Jio, this entire booking procedure is entirely based on the first-come-first-serve basis, where the users who have booked within August 24thor period near to that, in all probability would receive their phones within the first week of September.

  • The company assures of peaceful delivery after the pre-booking process. But, some amount of chaos is expected to owe to the scenario which occurred on August 24, with the Jio website and MyJio apps buckled under the heavy load.

  • Both the set of customers, who have either pre-booked at the Jio stores or online, need to visit the nearest Jio offline store to collect the phones, after arrival.

  • An Aadhar Card is necessary for the authentication process or KYC, before getting the hands on pre-booked Jio Phone.

  • While booking, Rs.500 is already paid. After receiving the phone, the users need to pay more Rs.1000. This money is for Rs 1500 refundable security fee that Jio is charging consumers for the JioPhone.

  • As of now, there is no official announcement, but the fact that the pre-booking will be again starting from September is quite confirmed after it is done with all the pre-orders.

  • For all those, who couldn’t make it this time, as there is always a second time to everything. Jio will definitely open its offers gain and it is just a pause and not the end.

So, let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Rather for the Jio Phone pre-booking procedure.