Reliance Jio is out on its latest venture which states of using satellites to connect the rural and remote parts of India through its 4G LTE-based voice and data service. For this, Jio is roping in the state-of-the art kind satellite back-haul based network, using the capacity from ISRO and technologies from Hughes Communication (HCIL).

The Mukesh Ambani-led 4G telco is rght now connecting more than 400 LTE sites which are beyond the reach of terrestrial backhaul services through this satellite backhaul-based network. The network right now is under different phases of deployment. Jio has ben awarded a contract worth over $10 million to Hughes Communications (HCIL) to set up the satellite backhaul for the 4G network in these areas.


To this, Reliance Jio group president Jyotindra Thacker added that, “After an extensive evaluation of the satellite technology on the market, we felt strongly that the Hughes Jupiter System, with its high-throughput terminals and future-proof multi-service capabilities, provided the ideal performance and efficiency for supporting connectivity to our 4G/LTE sites”.

In the words of Hughes Communications president Partho Banerjee,  satellites provide the ideal technology for extending 4G service to remote and rural communities beyond the reach of terrestrial network. Under this agreement with Reliance Jio, Hughes India would provide a managed service to include network planning, implementation, operation and maintenance.


Jio, in collaboration with Hughes, is setting up two earth stations in Mumbai and Nagpur, and would also set up two mini hubs in Leh and Port Blair for the latest satellite backhaul-based services that would in turn provide connectivity in areas, especially in the North East, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Andaman Nicobar, and Lakshadweep.

Shivaji Chatterjee, SVP & Head – Enterprise Business, Hughes Communications India, concluded that, ”The focus may be on remote and hilly and island areas, but also on remote areas in the mainland in Maharashtra, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh”.