Quite interestingly, as per the reports from the company’s interim, LG has codenamed one of it devices as ‘Judy’, entirely based on LG’s traditional reliance on female monikers. This in turn is one of the first hardware by LG to be revealed and whose details arr finally coming into focus.

Judy is the brand new design with a 6.1-inch, 18:9 Full Vision display, and it’s significantly larger than its predecessor, the 5.7-inch LG G6, though it would apparently not be branded as the G7.

To know more, LG is reportedly employing a fairly new type of display for the device, a so-called MLCD+ panel. Also, its RGBW matrix contains a white sub-pixel, which is allegedly capable of high, 800-nit brightness while consuming 35 percent less power than standard IPS LCD panels.

Talking of the other specs, Judy reportedly fulfills majority of the requisite boxes demanded by mobile enthusiasts:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, coupled with 64GB of internal storage but a somewhat disappointing 4GB of RAM.
  • Dual rear cameraswith glass optical elements and high aperture OF  16-megapixel sensors, matched with f/1.6 lenses.
  • Also, IP68 ingress protection plus military standard durability.
  • Stereo speakers described as a “boombox” speaker.
  • High dynamic range of HDR10.
  • Wireless charging, digital assistant, voice recognition, and camera with AI.

Also, besides a somewhat low standard RAM allotment, Judy sounds much like the follow-up to 2017’s very capable G6 and V30. But users would have to wait early spring to purchase one, as  the targeted June launch means that it might not be available globally until sometime this summer.