The Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2018 is really surprising its audience with its enthralling innovations. Today, the discussion is about such an innovation. Its called Li-Fi, i.e. the internet delivered via infrared light.

Oledcomm is debuting this year with one of the most unusual products of CES 2018 I.e. this MyLifi. This French company is usually known for using light from a smart lamp to beam Internet broadband to a laptop.

As per the company, this MyLiFi is a light-emitting diode (LED) lamp provides wireless Internet access through the light in a secure way. Also, it promises a speed of 23 megabits per second, which is faster than any Wi-Fi radio connection. Further, it has plans to launch it with a Kick starter campaign in January and would set the pre-order prices at $500.

More of this MyLifi:

Basically, this LiFi is an abbreviation for Light Fidelity i.e. a reference to wireless fidelity in Wi-Fi, which allows mobile devices to connect via LED lights. It works by transmitting data, modulating the light signals from an LED light bulb. Now, this process is not quite visible to the human eye, and thousands of people are already using it in France, where the average Wi-Fi speed is about 10 megabits a second. Here, Light signals are received and converted into data by a dongle connected to the device, and the dongle has to be in the line of sight of the lamp.

Suat Topsu, a French researcher, has created this technology as part of a research team in 2005. This technology was previously meant for business-to-business purposes, such as helping blind people navigate public transport systems, transmitting medical information in hospitals, and measuring travel times in supermarket aisles. The consumer version was designed so users might point them in any direction, and the color temperature could be adjusted from cold white to warm orange to enable different kinds of lighting effects.

To this Azoulay regarded that, “Just as clean energies are displacing fossil fuels and propelling us towards a world of responsible innovation, light is now replacing radio waves to provide a safe, a people- and eco-friendly internet connection. MyLiFi marks the start of a new era in connectivity.”

Its also user-friendly in the sense that the 800 lumens MyLiFi uses only 13.5 watts of energy, as compared to 20 watts for a Wi-Fi router. Users can also be using a web or smartphone app, changing the light intensity or set lighting atmosphere and log-off times. Oledcomm said gamers can use the connection for a fast and reliable “ping,” or faster interaction in online games. Oledcomm is also pitching it to the business market, where companies can use it in for public settings.

Most importantly, connections here are much more secure. LiFi signals use visible light and are impossible to pass through walls, making it much harder to hack a company’s Internet connection without attacking its firewall. Oledcomm also claims that MyLiFi offers an alternative to radio and electromagnetic waves, which might be harmful to humans and weighs about 14 pounds only.