Facebook now allows you to live stream from inside its virtual reality app Spaces. The facility became available since yesterday and this is a marvelous example of technology reaching newer heights of achievement. To put it in simpler words, it will enable Spaces users to place a virtual camera and stream a two-dimensional feed of themselves easily. Moreover, they can share that feed with their friends, who are outside the VR.

To add up spices, the feature also makes it possible for the viewers to send their comments and reactions from outside, just as in a Facebook live video. According to analysts, this is a part of Facebook’s effort to bridge the gap between traditional computing domains and the first generation of VR headsets.

It may be recalled in this context, Spaces is a virtual environment for the Facebook’s virtual reality hardware, Oculus Rift. The environment was launched early this year and back then, it allowed users from outside VR to get connected through Facebook Messenger. Mike Booth, product manager of the Facebook social VR team explained this development in as many as words, “We really wanted to expand on that experience and let you hang out with your friends who don’t yet have VR. We really want to just put this technology out there and see what people do with it.”

Facebook has already cleared the air that Spaces is available only for Oculus Rift. It will not work on the lower-end Gear VR product range as of now. However, chances are high that in course of time, the products will be compatible with each other.