Its news time for Mozilla Firefox. Recently, the Mozilla engineers have started working on a project named Lockbox which they have described as an “a work-in-progress extension […] to improve upon Firefox’s built-in password management”.

Initially, Mozilla has released this new extension for employee use only but users also might install this by visiting the following links below:

How does it work?

Lockbox has refurbished Firefox antiquated password management utility with a new user interface (UI). Also, a new Firefox UI button is included, in case the users want to add a shortcut in their browser’s main interface to open Lockbox without going through all the menu options.

LockBox image
Image Credit: Bleeping Computer

Along with this, support for a master password is included, helping users to secure their passwords from unauthorized access by co-workers, family members, or others.

Right now, there are no public plans for Lockbox’s future, but Mozilla in all probability will ship it with Test Pilot for some user testing before deciding it to deploy in the stable branch.

Firefox Test Pilot is a Firefox add-on that allows users to install, test, and vote on experimental features that may be added to Firefox in the future. Mozilla has also tested several other Firefox features inside Test Pilot before.  For instance, Firefox’s new built-in page screenshot utility, launched through Firefox 55 and 56,  was also initially tested via Test Pilot.

At present, Mozilla engineers have stated that Lockbox has only been tested on Firefox 57 and above and that installing on Firefox 56 or lower may not even function at all. Also, right now, there’s no way to reset the Lockbox master password.