How do you know that the food you purchased long back is still afresh? No points for guessing, obviously you have tasted it. But, in case of a battery, do you grab a bite of it also for getting a proof of its authenticity? Well, this might sound eccentric but is absolutely true.

A person from China, in order to check the authenticity of an iPhone battery, took a bite of it and obviously had to face the worst. The battery containing all lithium-ion exploded in his face. This whole incident was captured on a video, which then went viral, definitely acting as a warning to all those who may have been thinking of sinking their teeth in a phone.

This incident occurred three days back, and even if the place is not yet revealed, it went viral after Chinese tech blogs wrote about this whole incident. In the video, it is clearly shown that a man had walked up to an electronics store, apparently to buy a battery for his iPhone. Once he gets the battery, he tries to check its authenticity by biting into it. The battery then explodes in his face and he quickly throws it away.

Why such a deed?

In simple terminology, this is sheer madness. I mean, how would have it even occurred in the minds of the man? Here, again the age-old practice which states that to check the authenticity, it is always good to grab a bite, comes into the picture. For example, people are seen biting into gold coins. This biting doesn’t really reveal the quality of the gold but either due to habit or due to some folklore, people do bite into precious objects and gold coins. Again, Olympians are seen biting into their gold, silver and bronze medals. But of course, that is for posturing, and press photographers.

However, talking of phone batteries, of course, they are not a thing to bite even for posturing. The batteries are made of chemicals that are seriously harmful. They are packed with charged lithium ion. So, even if they don’t explode or burn when put under some pressure, there is always the warning that it shouldn’t be destroyed with a hammer or something. The reason is that the chemicals in batteries might harm skin, throat, and mouth if trying to take the bite out of them.