Reliance Jio is back with another surprise. No, we are not talking about the launch of any other tariff plan or services or addition of any feature to the already existing services. This time it has proved its uniqueness by bringing in its voice assistant to the MyJio application, dubbed as ‘HelloJio’. This feature is available to the users with the latest update of the MyJio update and so far comprehends everything spoken by the user.

Right now it is yet not confirmed that this new HelloJio voice assistant rolling out to the MyJio app is the same thing as Jio Phone because the users of the Jio Phone couldn’t provide any specific answer to this.

Features of this HelloJio Voice assistant:

This ‘HelloJio’ voice assistant on the MyJio application is definitely quite an impressive one. The good part remains that this is applicable in both Hindi and English. Also, switching between these two languages are also quite easy for the toggle present at the right bottom of the HelloJio screen.

The HelloJio voice assistant can be accessed from MyJio app home screen. After updating the MyJio app to the latest version, users would see a ‘mic’ option at the top right corner beside the Jio Apps menu. Clicking on that mic option would take them to the HelloJio voice assistant home screen.

This voice assistant from Reliance Jio doesn’t require any additional voice training like the Google Assistant. Unfortunately, there’s no way to activate the voice assistant remotely with the user’s voice as whenever the user would need to use it, they have to enable it manually. So, to make the things more straightforward, Jio is adding a floating icon with Jio written on it on to the home screen. Pressing it would take users to the HelloJio assistant screen.

What action does it perform?

It performs quite a few significant functions. But the sad part remains that most of the actions which can be performed by HelloJio assistant are limited to just MyJio app related things. For instance, when asked  to recharge the number as ‘recharge my number,’ this would take the user to the Jio tariff plan selection page. The sad part, however, remains that even after specifying a recharge plan, it would still take the user to the plan selection page. For example, if asked the assistant to ‘recharge with Rs 459 plan,’ it just doesn’t takes the user directly to the payment page. This is understandable as it’s programmed to perform just a set of tasks unlike Google Assistant or Apple Siri.

Anyway, leaving these apart, users might ask HelloJio assistant to check how many SMS they have sent this week, what is the data balance, and other Jio account related queries. It can also perform tasks such as opening certain apps, making voice calls, sending SMS, playing music, etc. Furthermore, users can also set the alarm, which might sound great. But, then, setting the alarm works only with one command, i.e. ‘ set the alarm followed by the time.’ After this statement, if asked to set the alarm by stating ‘wake me at 7 AM,’ it would reply as ‘Sorry I don’t have an answer for that at the moment.’

An overall view of this voice assistant might be depicted in the way that this is a good thing altogether. Interaction with the device in Hindi is definitely a new thing. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that this gets better with time.