Gone are the days when children would be kept under the strict supervision of their parents while they are searching something on the internet. Now, the parents no longer need to watch over their child’s shoulder, courtesy, Kiddle.

What is this Kiddle?

Kiddle is a new customized search engine for children, using a modified version of Google search to make such activities safe and age-appropriate for children. The search engine includes features like safe search, kid-oriented results, big thumbnails, large fonts, and modified privacy settings.

How does it look?

Entering the search site, one would find Kiddle written in the characteristic colorful Google style, but this time set not against the plain white of Google but in a colorful alien planet surface. There is also a red droid alien waiting to answer all the queries.

How does it work?

Even if the search interface is largely the same, with different search options including the usual web, images, news, and videos, the search results are clearly modified for a much younger audience base.

For instance, if anyone searches the word ‘Apple’, the first result Google would give would be about the company Apple. But the results from Kiddle will only be related to rhymes and research suitable for a child. Even if it picks up any news on Apple, the company, it will only be related to what the company is doing for kids as their audience.

Kiddle 1
Image Credit: Times Of India

Here, the first 3 results on Kiddle would only show pages written specifically for kids, especially handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors. Also, it has a child-friendly design with a planet and a character, to answer it all for the kid. The child can even search images, news, and videos which are all tailored as ‘safe-search’. Kiddle also claims that they do not collect any personally identifiable information and do not require any registration to use the search service hence the parents could be well assured that the personal information of the child would not be available on the web.

Kiddle is actually made for which age-group?

According to Dr.Smriti Sawhney, Clinical psychologist, “Kids aged between 8-10 will mostly be using Kiddle. This also depends a lot on the kind of background and the kind of exposure the kid has got. If you channelize the energies of your kid in a productive way so that the kid is not exposed to mass media a lot, they would be happy with Kiddle”.

Now, some interesting bit of information for the parents. In case the kid makes some ‘unwanted searches’, Kiddle provides search results like:

Love – Your kid can learn to love his state and pets!

Kiddle 2
Image Credit: Times Of India

Sex- Kiddle calls ‘it’ a ‘Bad Word’. Definitely sounded music in the ears of parents.

Kiddle 3
Image Credit: Times Of India

Deepika Padukone – Yes, your kid can find her on Kiddle. But only some quizzes.

Kiddle 4
Image Credit: Times Of India

Lastly, Kiddle has also announced that they “don’t collect any personally identifiable information, and (their) logs are deleted every 24 hours”. So, what’s the wait for? Start ‘Kiddle’ now.