Yes, it’s true. Welcome to new-age India where a restaurant at southern Chennai city is on an attempt to revolutionize its customer services with the introduction of robot waiters to deliver food and drinks.

This ‘Robot’ restaurant witnesses a tray-wielding humanoid roaming all around the eatery, serving food to the patrons and also collecting back the dirty dishes and taking it back to the kitchen.

Initially named as ‘Momo’, this eatery got re-launched with the name changing to ‘Robot’ after the founding partners Venkatesh Rajendran and Karthik Kannan decided to include technology with gourmet.

To this, Karthik Kannan explained that “We tried out different theme restaurant designs and all that. Later on, we finally decided that we could do something different which is not there in India. That is when we decided on the robot theme restaurant where we could bring robots to actually bring the food. I have seen these in a lot of abroad countries. So that is when we decided okay, why not bring it to India?”

Inside the restaurant, customers can order food that largely comprises of Thai and Chinese cuisines using only phone tabs that are placed on every table. When the meal is ready, a robot delivers it on a tray to the respective tables.

Customer satisfaction and feedback are definitely the key factors behind conceiving such uniqueness. So, to this, Roopa, one of the customer at the restaurant regarded that, “We didn’t expect such quick delivery and all that. It is very quick and they are very interactive and we are enjoying along with the robots”.

No points for guessing but with such a delightful service staff, photos and selfies would be definitely on the menu.

Now, the use of such service robots is quite a common phenomenon in many countries.

Also, the demand for service robots is expected to accelerate in the next three years as robots, which are already used to perform tasks such as assisting medical surgery, milking cows or moving objects around warehouses, would become more popular for domestic and personal use.