To all the gadget freaks out there, save your time to meet Razer Mamba Hyperflux, the world’s lightest wireless gaming mouse. While the trend of wirelessly charging mice has already started taking tolls, it might as well be considered that Razer is quite a delayed entrant to this game, but this is the company’s own take on that technology with its Razer Hyperflux Mamba bundle. This $250 kit gets offers a wireless version of the company’s Mamba gaming mouse that works with the special Hyperflux mouse surface. The only thing users need to do is to plug the mousepad, into the computer, and this would create an electromagnetic field that spins a device inside the Mamba to provide power.

So, a bit of detailing regarding the specs and features of the mouse:

Wireless power and connectivity:

Once the user gets everything plugged in and set up, the Mamba uses the optical Pixart PMW3389 sensor that is in Razer’s other top-of-the-line mice like the Deathadder Elite.

The Mamba Hyperflux system also uses the same “Adaptive Frequency Technology” that is found within another excellent wireless Lancehead mouse. The difference here, however, is that Razer had built the wireless receiver right into the mousepad. That means that strong, interference-resistant signal is bouncing back and forth across only a couple of inches.


So users now would have an accurate, reliable control over the games with the Mamba Hyperflux. Also, as long as the mouse is sitting on the included Hyperflux surface, it would be getting a constant stream of electromagnetic power to run forever.

Enthralling design:

Razer also included its Chroma lighting in both the mouse and the mouse surface.

For the Mamba itself, the Razer logo and the trackwheel can shine through an endless variety of RGB-color combinations. On the mousepad, the edge of the device has an RGB LED strip that gives the entire setup a futuristic vibe.

However since all good things also have their flaws, this mouse is also no exception. Here they are:


No backup battery:

Razer made a big point to note that the Mamba Hyperflux does not have a battery. Here, it needs mentioning that the nature of the wireless-power technology means always doesn’t need something like a lithium-ion module to hold a charge.

Here, Razer justified that, the benefit of dropping the battery, is that the Mamba Hyperflux is lightweight. Though the Mamba Hyperflux lacks a battery, it’s equipped with a supercapacitor, i.e. an electrical component that stores and transfers electricity. This can actually hold a  charge for five to 10 seconds, depending on how extreme the lighting effects are.

A mouse built is needed for Hyperflux:

Another issue of not having a battery means that Razer would have to make versions of its mice specifically for use with Hyperflux. With the Logitech Powerplay, users would be also able to get wireless versions of the G905, for example, that work without wireless power. But if users would also get the Powerplay, they just need to swap out the bottom battery plate with the wireless-power plate, and then users no longer would need to plug in.



Electromagnetic resonance technology and all its novelty aside, the Mamba Hyperflux is another solid gaming mouse from Razer.  Further, the mouse was accurate to a pinpoint, courtesy its 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor. Of course, it has helped in a way that Mamba HyperFlux would work best on a pad specifically designed for it and PC gaming.

The dual-sided mouse mat gives us a hard, slick surface on one side for rapid movements needed for navigating the wide maps in XCOM. Then, the soft pad comes in handy for games that require more accuracy.

Despite everything, Razer had to cut to get the Mamba to its sub-100g weight. This is incredible as, without a wire to add drag, there is right now no other mouse which would sling across the mousepad as quickly as this.

Finally, Razer’s Hyperflux peripherals are a novel concept, that would achieve everything they would set out to do. However, these versions of the Mamba and Firefly completely depend on the PC gaming setup. So, users in for a wireless mouse and charging pad combo that they would never take outside, this might be a worthy venture.