Mi calculator

While you have you have your own built in calculator on your smartphone there are times when you need more than addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are more calculator apps, but if you wished to use Xiaomi in your non-Xiaomi smartphone then you will be happy to know that Mi Calculator is available on the Google Play Store. Mi Calculator is appropriate for devices that run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above and you will be to download the app and use it.

Specialization of Mi calculator  

What makes Mi calculator different from other calculators?

Apart from the normal functions (addition, subtractions, division, and multiplication), Xiaomi’s calculator app proffers an array of functionalities like currency converter, unit converter, trigonometric calculations, logarithms along with these you can convert area, mass, length, mass, speed, time and volume.

It even has a mortgage calculator so you will know the exact amount that you will be paying every month.

You also get a universal currency converter and the exchange rates are uploaded daily so you will always get the almost accurate conversion you need.

Mi calculator

  Additional features of Mi calculator

1. You can look back at the calculation history to find your previous calculation as the app has calculation history.

2. You can edit history and previous results in the regular calculator.

3. You can find arrays of calculation, logarithms, and more additional features that can be found in a scientific calculator.

4. Daily updated exchange rates in the universal currency converter.

5. Know the exact amount of the next installment of the mortgage calculator.

6. Freely convert units of length, area, volume, speed, time, and mass in the unit converter.

The calculator comes with good and design and provides a clean and smooth user interface.
You can download the Mi calculator app from Google Play Store. Moreover, the Mi calculator app could be a sign that the company could add more Mi apps to the play store in future. Mi Caller, Mi Cloud, and Mi compass are few apps that can be seen on Xiaomi device.