Mia Khalifa might land you up in trouble! Well, not literally but Cybercriminals were spotted using the likes of this former adult film star to spread a multiplatform spyware disguised as an adult game.

Dubbed as Maikspy, this malware is promoted as the Mia Khalifa Game using various twitter accounts spreading malicious links to unsuspecting users, as per the recent blog post by Trend Micro.

The links now redirect users to a booby-trapped website that distributes other malicious apps and connects to a C&C server to upload data from infected devices and machines.

Now, once the malicious APK file is installed and launched it would again send the infected device’s Unix timestamp to 0046769438867, which is the phone number containing Sweden’s code, presumably for the device’s ID registration. Afterward, the Maikspy-carrying app would display “Error: 401. App not compatible. Uninstalling…” in an attempt to trick the user into thinking about the app which would be then be removed from the device when the malware is just hiding and running in the background.


Further, this malware is capable of targeting both Android and Windows users and is capable of stealing phone numbers, account information, a list of installed apps, contacts, photos, and SMS messages.

A similar app called the Virtual Girlfriend Game was also being promoted by multiple Twitter handles sharing links that lead to the same malicious domain to spread the same malware. These threat actors have been active since December 2016 when the first variant of the malware appeared on the Windows platform and by January 2017, the threat actors had developed an Android version of the malware.

So, right now, the best way to prevent infection is to only download apps from Trusted App stores such as Google Play. Also, users must be sure to understand that the risks that are involved, before accepting any terms granting certain permissions to apps.