Microsoft cortana Google Calendar

Microsoft is now permitting its Cortana digital assistant to access Google Calendar. The software has added a Gmail connection to Cortana, which will enable the digital assistant to access Google Calendar data.

If you are a Windows 10 user that primarily uses a Gmail account. This new feature will make it easier for the assistant to access calendar appointments and trigger reminders across multiple calendars.


This support means you can also use commands on Cortana- powered speakers like Harman Kardon’s Evoke device, to access information. Cortana apps on platforms like iOS and Android will also be able to read and use the Google Calendar Information, too.

Microsoft’s Google calendar support for Cortana is rolling out to Windows 10 PCs right now, and you can access it in the connected accounts section of Cortana’ notebook settings. Cortana can now tell You about events on your calendar that contains and can also add events to your calendar that include people in your contact list. Cortana also shares schedules across Office 356, Outlook, and Gmail calendars.

Once the email is available, Cortana will be able to read emails back to you, help you with the latest inbox activity and permit you to compose and send responses using only your voice. Cortana will also be able to prioritize emails from important contacts and deem some as high priority.


To get started, you can add your account by clicking the Windows 10 search bar and navigating the Cortana Notebook part on your left side. From there, select “Connected Services” and “Add a service”.

Gmail will be listed along with a number of other services. Simply select Gmail, then click “Connect.” From there, you’ll be prompted in a separate window to sign into your Gmail account and provide permission for Cortana to access and manage your email, Google Drive files, contacts, and calendars. Gmail joins several other other connected services access to Cortana, such as multiple calendars, on the device.