Microsoft has again some news by starting its end-to-end encryption for private conversations on Skype. However, for the ones who are unaware, end-to-end encryption ensures that the chat content between two people is hidden in both the chat list and the notifications. To look back, various other popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger have already started their offering of end-to-end encryption for quite some time, and so now Microsoft’s rollout on Skype should be termed as a delayed one. This feature has finally arrived after months of testing and would be now available for all users on Skype iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows, as per the reports by tech website

However, Microsoft is still yet to confirm the availability of end-to-end encryption on Skype though. The new encryption feature could be activated from a “New Private Conversation” option that is also, now, a part of the “Compose” menu or from the recipient’s profile.


As per reports, so, now, users would be able to participate in only one private conversation from a single device at a time, and on switching the conversation to other devices, the messages they send and receive would be tied to the device they would be using at that time. This January, Microsoft added that they would offer the encryption feature for audio calls, text messaging and image, audio and video file transmissions.

Apart from making the communication channel secure, end-to-end encryption also ensures that messages stored on servers could only read by the ones involved in the communications. With the resurgence of platforms such as Slack, the craze for Microsoft’s Skype has faded away. In the recent past, Microsoft has been adding new features every now and then to Skype to make it a default option for businesses and organizations.