Microsoft testing out its new Skype mobile interface in a desktop review of the company’s communication app. The next-generation of Skype is coming with a redesigned interface and a range of new features, including color customization, Snapchat-Style ‘highlight’, new add-ins and more bots.

The new version launched first on Android, before rolling out on iOS, but Microsoft said that Mac and Windows users would have to wait for its release “over the next few months”.

The new radical Skype mobile design debuted back in June, and the reception hasn’t been positive. Despite that, Microsoft wants to try out a new design on the desktop side. A Skype spokesperson “it’s not yet complete and we need your feedback”.

Microsoft announced that the new Skype Preview app for “Mac and non-Windows 10 PC* users”. It means that the new preview of the app is supported on Windows 10 PCs, as long as they are running Windows 10.

The new Skype preview is designed to take advantage of the larger screen space on a desktop PC, and Microsoft has tweaked group chats to make easier to share photos or screen sharing during calls.

Some features of Skype:

@ mentions, message reactions, and a notification panel to check for mentions and reactions in conversations.

New chat media gallery for finding shared content such as links, documents, or media to make those easier to locate.

The enhanced group calls to customize your group call experience with drag and drop ease. Say it with an emoji using our new in call reactions, too!

Skype brings people together to experience more every day and makes life a little simpler and more convenient. Start experiencing it for yourself by downloading Skype Preview for non-Windows 10 PCs and Macs today at Skype Insider. Skype Preview will install alongside Skype classic, making it easy to switch back if needed. However, it is recommended, running one instance of Skype at a time so that you don’t get duplicate notifications for messages or calls.

Microsoft says that “Skype Preview will install alongside Skype classic, making it easy to switch back if needed”, but recommends only running one instance of Skype at a time.