Microsoft adds 'Mixed Reality' with Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is on the way of updating its flagship operating system next month so that the latest generation of Windows 10 hardware devices and software can tap into augmented and virtual reality technologies, mentioned by the executives on Friday.

It is the fourth upgraded version of the software that will be proffered from October 17 to the current consumers of Windows 10. The Company said that Windows 10 is running on more than 50 million devices.

Microsoft also reveals a plan to introduce new hardware for businesses consumers and video gamer to take advantage of so-called “mixed reality” features by the makers of computer and virtual- reality headset. It is said to be added in the October software release.

The Term mixed reality used by Microsoft to describe software that covers both augmented and virtual reality. Augmented reality covers text, graphics and, video on real world images that users actually see in front of them, while virtual reality creates entirely computer-generated worlds.

The Multimedia content can be watched on Computers, TV displays smartphones, tablets or, in the case of virtual reality, on dedicated goggles. The officials said, Microsoft plans to focus on these features first at advanced video game players using VR headsets, with business applications to follow.

The company has mainly remade itself into a supplier of cloud services delivered via the internet, has shifted to a roughly 6-month release cycle for features updates of Windows from its three-year release cycle for disk-based versions of its operating system software.

Other new Windows 10 features include a refreshed Photos app and the potentiality to save files up to the cloud using Microsoft’s OneDrive service without occupying local storage space. Windows 10 will also offer “Game Mode”. It will permit the gamers to devote the full processing power of their computer, said the company.