Windows 10 600 million

Microsoft held its annual meeting, where its CEO Satya Nadella just shared an important update on the Windows 10 user base. Microsoft’s Windows 10 has reached a new milestone that is 600 million active monthly devices worldwide. As it is more than 500 million number that the company shared back in the month of may.

Adding 100 million monthly active devices over the course of seven months is pretty good, even though it is far from the 2 billion monthly active devices running Android worldwide, or even the 1 billion iOS devices in active use. Still, the Windows 10 ecosystem is definitely expanding and could reach 1 billion devices over the next two years, assuming this growth doesn’t slow down in the near future.

Nadella gave shareholders a broad update on the company’s business and strategy, including a new milestone for the Windows 10 business, which is now active on has more than 600 million devices a month.

At present, Windows 10 is the core of various computing devices that are not traditional PC’s and Laptops- these devices include mobile phones, Xbox One consoles, digital whiteboards like the company’s Surface Hub, IoT devices, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Interestingly, the first Cortana- powered speaker from Harman Kardon runs a variant of Linux and not windows 10 for IoT.

As Microsoft doesn’t have a mobile platform that can compete with iOS and Android today. But PCs definitely remain the company’s main aim at present, with two major Windows 10 releases every year. The company is also expected to disclose the first Windows 10 on ARM devices before the end of this year, which should offer better battery life and always-on connectivity to customers.