A group of Microsoft interns has deployed a new way to put A.I. technology to work and this is a screenshot snipping tool. Microsoft is launching their project, Snip Insights, which is a Windows desktop app that lets users to retrieve intelligent insights, or even turn a scan of a textbook or report into an editable document while taking a screenshot on the PC.

Basically, the team’s manager has challenged the interns to think up a way to integrate A.I. into a widely used tool, used by millions.

So, then they decided to try a screenshotting tool, like the Windows Snipping Tool or Snip, i.e. a previous project from Microsoft’s internal incubator, Microsoft Garage. The team went with the latter because it would be easier to release as an independent app.


This new tool leverages Cloud AI services in order to do more with screenshots. For example, converting images to translated text, automatically detect and tag image content, and more.

The tool can also take a scanned image of a document, and turn a screenshot of that into editable text. With this, it can also identify famous people, places or landmarks in the images captured with a screenshot.

Although it’s a relatively narrow use case for A.I., the Snip Insights tool is an interesting example of how A.I. technology can be integrated into everyday productivity tools. With this, also describes the potentiality that lies ahead as A.I. becomes a part of even simple pieces of software.

Right now, the tool is being released as Microsoft Garage project, but it’s open-sourced.